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USA Junior Golf considers applications from outstanding coaches who wish to become involved with our long term player development program.

  • Our coaching model is designed for junior boys and girls ages 6-18 years old.
  • Our five "levels or teams" are made up of the following (in order):
    • Developmental I
    • Developmental II
    • Future Stars
    • Pre-Elite
    • Elite
  • Players must participate in benchmark testing to establish an appropriate starting point for their entry into our training program.
  • At the completion of the season, all players must successfully pass our benchmark test to advance to the next level.
  • Teams meet two times per week for group coaching sessions.
  • Developmental I teams receive 12 hrs of coaching per month.
  • Developmental II, Future Stars, Pre Elite and Elite team members receive twelve hours of coaching per month.
  • USA Junior Golf provides a detailed curriculum for each of the five teams for coaches to follow.
  • Coaches have access to our golf and fitness curriculum's along with information on playing college golf. Mental Game best practice and content is also made available to all our our coaching staff as well.
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